Interactive Network Graph Visualization for NDTV-generated graphs using D3 animation

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Let's animate some networks!

ndtv-d3 is an web-based interactive player app for animations of dynamic networks created with the ndtv R package. It takes JSON-formatted input files (normally produced by ndtv) describing the node positions, changing network relationships and graphic properties and displays them as a 'movie' illustrating the changes in a network object over time. The 'movie' is a zoomable, interactive SVG object with animation play controls and a scrub-able timeline for navigation.


The example below can be displayed in a browser with the following R code:

See the R vignette for ndtv-d3 for additional details and output options.

This is an example of the javascript code for emedding a network on a page

var graph2 = new ndtv_d3({
	graphData: "examples/data/msmSim.json"
}, '#graph2');
Here is a template page example. Some rough documentation for the library's javascript classes is here.


The ndtv-d3 library was created by Greg Michalec and Skye Bender-deMoll for the statnet project with initial funding by NICHD grant R01HD068395. Based on 'statnet' project software (http://statnetproject.org). For license and attribution information, please see the LICENSE file or http://statnetproject.org/attribution